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In a world full of clowns, Lionel is your classic clown dad. The epitome of the happiest sad guy you know, full of deep seated loneliness, loser material and, seemingly naive cheer that makes everyone uncomfortable. Lionel is the ultimate people pleaser with an immeasurable need to impress you at any cost. Unfortunately no matter how much he tries, no one likes Lionel, not his kids, not even his wife, they laugh at him and push him down at any opportunity they get, Lionel always gets back up and brushes himself off though, nothing effects Lionel... Their might be something bubbling beneath the surface but he definitely can’t tell you about that.

Lionel is jades clown persona. he has been evolving OveR the past year and had his debut performance at words by the window in Mermaid waters, October 2022.

watch this space for more to come from LIONEL.

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Photo Credit: ADAM PLANT
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