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Jade (she/her) is an established performer, visual artist and the director of VOiiiD Collective. She has an ever-growing attraction to multidisciplinary performance and collaborating with a VAST range of artists.

Jade began her dance training in Perth, Australia at age 3, and began tertiary classical ballet training at age 12, at the graduate College of Dance. At age 17 Jade moved to Sydney to train at Brent Street Studios under the direction of Jason Winters, Lynsey Waugh and Rani Luther. 

After completing her studies at Brent Street, Jade moved to London to begin training at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS). Whilst at LCDS Jade had the opportunity to train under esteemed teachers and choreographers such as James Cousins, Jeannie Steele, Kate Price, and Wayne Parsons. During her second year she also had the opportunity 

perform in Beijing at the Beijing Dances’ 60th Anniversary celebration with choreographer James Wilton. 


After graduating LCDS  Jade had the privilege to be an apprentice, then young dancer, with Yorke Dance Project.

As a performer some of Jades career highlights thus far include: dancing in the Cohan Collective 3 years running; dancing for choreographer Cameron McMillan; dancing in the SS19 Charles Jeffrey Fashion Show; clowning for Compare the Market; dancing for choreographer Malcolm Sutherland; Acting as Rosie for 'Things I know to be True' by Centenary Theatre, dancing for Phluxus2 Dance Collective, dancing for musician Paloma Faith; dancing for band 'Choomba'; and dancing for Sketch London.


As a collaborator, choreographer and movement director, some current career highlights include: choreographing the music video "Sultana" by Krista Papista; collaborating two short films "Virtual Lovers' and "Logging onto Love" with director Kate Davis; and assistant movement director for the AW16 Paul Smith Fashion Show.  

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Photo Credit: ADAM PLANT
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