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More. More. More. Sick with greed. 

BANSHEE30000 comments on the dystopia now we are living in. 

Striving to be the perfect humans through enhancement and algorithms to result in being subjugated of capitalism.

Banshee3000 was created during a House Conspiracy Residency this year in conjunction with painting, marking 10585 days. It is a self-portrait I completed as I turned 29, with the intention of eradicating idealized perfection. The costume used was repurposed and recycled, making up 80% of the final piece.

Curator and Performer: Jade Birder

Filmed: Astro Brisbane

WORKSOP: Discover the art of recycling with Jade Brider in our 2-hour workshop! Bring 4 recycled items to mix and take 4 for your solo project. Learn creative tools from Jade Brider while crafting an object and developing a character around it. Optional performance for the group. Let's have fun and be eco-artistic!

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